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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

You Have a Body, Wait

Mexico/US Border

The border was our venue – not all day but long enough to make it memorable.

I heard one of the older boys on the bus that the Mexico/US border is the busiest in the world, I don’t doubt it. You know what that means, you can imagine. Long lines, snail pace.

Borders have everyting to do with bodily designations. You are either this citizen or that citizen. Because we are born on a particular parcel of land, we get tagged and belong to that plot. In other words, we become territorial. And since our bodies are an extension of ego, we regard our turf as sacred.

Check out Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita, and ‘everything revolves around me’. This is the extent of it. In fact, there is no extent, everything, yes, everything revolves around me. Instead of the Designer being the axis of everything, we have configurated this concept that I am HOT ENERGY, the hottest.

We have mentioned before that ego stands for ‘edging God out’, well it’s true. I own nothing, not even my country, and yet, I make false claims like a Rakshasha (monster). And now that the stock market plunge is going on, it becomes so evident. ‘One day, I have millions, the next day, nothing’. It is pathetic that we have to contend with ego, just as we have to do with borders. Our two buses were in queue and in processing for 3.5 hours. Our show got cancelled at Laguna Beach. Shame.

I recall our guru, Srila Prabhupada, having a tough time (not that it was so troublesome to him) but at one Canadian airport, customs could have handled it better. Anyways, the problem all begins with bodily identity. We need to rethink who we are.

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