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Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

Owen Sound, Ontario

The Batra family, Subal Vilas, Ashalatta and family hosted their annual Janmasthami festival from their home in Markham. Joining us was Bir Krishna Goswami, a sannyasi monk from America, and BB Bhagavat Swami from South Africa. We all came together the previous night for a wonderful time. Since the event stretched to close to midnight, the positive effect spilled over into this day which was an altogether extension of more spiritual joy.

One of the founding fathers of the Iskcon Brampton chapter, Vaishnava Das, celebrated his 60th. I was invited and expected to speak. I chose verse 2.60 from the Gita to speak from wherein it is said that it only takes one of our strong senses to carry away a person's mind and lead to a defeat in the battle against resistance. I went on to explain that those on the spiritual path usually experience a mix of the spiritual and material dabblings in the course of each day. Often times it is the superior taste of spirituality that comes in spurts and prods us on for more of the same.

The gathering for Vaishnava's birthday was a truly spiritual-grabbing sensation followed by a car trip to Owen Sound at the home of Rajesh Kalavadia. Neighbours and friends came to hear something new. The next door neighbours had heard us before on a previous visit as the sound vibrated through the windows while they were having their barbecue. This time around there was no outdoor cooking of animal. They very respectfully came over to hear the mantra and to partake in Indian-cuisine prasadam. How they loved it!

A trip to Inglis Falls and a brief stroll down the famous Bruce Trail completed a perfect day. A new couple from Brampton Rajneesh, Alka and their two children took me to Owen Sound for a day's pilgrimage that they won't forget.

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