Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Olla! Mexico!

La Fonda, Mexico

Our two Krishna Cultural Tour Buses arrived at the Mexican border near Tijuana. It took two energy bars and a twenty dollar bill to present to customs to convince them that “our church group” be given clearance. No passports needed to be shown. That was a subtle bribe, I guess -- an ingenious move by Manu.

Driving up to a crude but private campsite at La Fonda, we are not too far south where you can easily purchase anything with U.S. bucks. Before arriving we stopped at, believe it or not, Walmart, to buy supplies for our three day stay in the area. The Pacific is wondrous. I couldn’t resist a dip. As soon as we arrived, Nirguna and I became children.

Oooh! Cold are it’s waters.

From there we tread south bound with sand under our feet and pelicans over our heads. They were sailing above in a jagged line and then swooping down for a serious dive at the water. Their aim? Fish, of course! One pelican after landing on the beach didn’t make it into the air again. Nature takes it’s course. A dog attack saw to it’s end.

Co-campers at our site go for fish as well. They apply fire to their catch. Some folks dig for crabs. I look at such ventures with gratitude. As Vaishnavas we don’t do such things. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are better people but that we live in a different mode. If attitude is triggered by life-style, which it usually does, then it could hamper spiritual progress.

I have referred to the Gita’s verse before beginning “vidya vinaya sampane…” “See with equal vision the various life forms.” “We are all spirits” is the resounding message.

Abhimanyu, a young devotee, seems to be just about everyone’s favourate on the bus tour. He delivered the valedictorian speech at his school three months back. I’m training him as an understudy for our drama “The Three Lives of Bharat.”

Campfire kirtan (chanting) concluded this bright day’s end.

7 Km

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