Friday, 12 February 2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Someone Has Gone

Mayapura, West Bengal

We had lost one of our devotees. She's gone, as in passed away! She died from a stroke during her sleep. It was just ten days ago and it all happened very peacefully. Her name was Gita and she originally hailed from India.

Our small Canadian contingent from Room 505 in the Gada Building ventured over to see her husband, Madan Mohan, who I've regarded as one of our comrades from Digby, Nova Scotia. We usually walk with a purpose. Today was special. Mohan was happy to see us at his door. We did come unannounced. He did admit to us that he was staying within the confines of his home and refrain from going to the temple as many traditions in India will uphold. If there is a deceased person in the family you would not enter the temple for several days if you follow orthodoxy.

Madan Mohan, was always a resilient man. He always takes tough things well. I asked about his daughter. "for two days she was really affected, but she seems now to have gotten over the worst." She's 9 now and she's strong like her Dad.

We need only to reflect on the message of the Bhagavad-Gita which resounds in the message of transcendence. The soul moves on. The body lies with us. Life goes on or we make certain adjustments. What we are left with is inspiration, the kind that reminds us that here was a good soul, in the form of Gita, dutiful, kind, devoted, responsible, a believer in the spirit, one who knew of the impermanence of the body and who bravely marched on. This message is as it always is, death doesn’t exist for the soul.

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