Friday, 5 February 2010

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

"Last Day"

Berbice, Guyana

The last evening's event of the 5 day Padayatra was wrapped up at the Albion Sports Complex just off of the Coastal Road. The world's international cricket games take place here during the big competition events involving Guyana. It was a good location. A member of Parliament, Mr.Poonai, gave a good talk. Usually political VIP's have the gift of making their message in a succinct way, to the point almost like bullet style. He commended our efforts for promoting a non-violent way of life, education on vegetarianism and what to speak of practicing it. He spoke kindly of Srila Prabhupada our guru, and his bravery in delivering the message of chanting.

A very active local Pandit from a nearby temple also spoke extolling the glories of Prabhupada's mission.

If I were to critique the 5 day program my list would be substantial enough such as the lack of organization still I would give a high rating for the devotional efforts. A group of us huddled together by the side of the stage (primarily youths) to discuss improvements for next year's program. We cast a general review over the last few days’ performance.

On top of the list for excellent performance was the favourable soothing Atlantic air currents. It was always welcoming having that breeze after sultry hot days. Fortunately I did not have to experience the agony of stepping on a dead catfish on a Guyanese beach as what happened last year. Rather I enjoyed, and my singing partner, Ajamila, enjoyedt he opportunity to give a lot of ourselves to the exploration of mantra power.

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