Sunday, 14 February 2010

Friday, February 12th, 2010

I’m Happy / I’m Sick

Mayapur, West Bengal

It is a magical drawing card – these play practices that we have been conducting in the Samadhi auditorium. The volunteer kids with their parents are so enthralled by the various exercises that we are undertaking. For them it’s just chill-out time and a time for the young and older to come together on common ground.

We are developing the drama, ‘The Witness’ the story of the walking deity of Krishna. It is a tale of the force of an icon of the Lord that traveled on foot to the village of Vidyanagar in the more southern part of India from Vrindavan, a town in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. The story centers around a promise which the deity of Krishna gives witness to. It also highlights the nature of family dysfunctionality and how faith in Krishna can indeed resolve a difficult situation.

As mentioned before the kids are happy to participate and see before their very eyes how our characters are shaped. I also became excited after a day in illness. Tummy problems persisted. It’s called ‘the Delhi bully’ so I’ve heard. Weakness had overcome me and it was hard to stand let alone do any serious walking today.

It just so happened that our morning session for meetings was free so I didn’t miss anything. In the afternoon session a presentation was done by Hungarian delegates on Eco Valley, a sustainable vegetarian based community. I felt so much hope from that. Under one of our more disciplined monks, Sivarama Swami.

Great job, Maharaja! The presentation got my mind off my physical ailment.

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