Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Monday, February 8th, 2010

That’s It

Mayapur, West Bengal

I had a session where I sat in a meeting with a group of exalted peers in Room 851 of the Conch Building. There we discussed the topic of Constitution for our cultural movement. It has been an ongoing project and our group is moving closer to its completion.

Anyway I sat there listening to the discussion when my mind veered off looking at the facility and the spacious nature of our meeting room. It was the room of one of our colleagues in the meeting. A large bedroom area was an extension to our sitting area which could easily be a dining room. This large open space also accommodated a kitchen area with a sink. The area also included a private washroom.

“Perhaps I should secure a room such as this for next year and then I can enjoy greater privacy and space,” I thought. Currently I’m crammed in a tiny room with hardly leg room sharing space with 3 other Canadian first-timers to India. I wondered.

Then in a casual stroll with Sesa, the chairperson of our group, we talked - also casually. He mentioned he has a group in the same building as me in the Gada Building. He mentioned his space is very small and had contemplated a much more expansive room, like I had been thinking. Now I’m a monk and he’s a lawyer. He could legitimately or philosophically justify getting a place of greater magnitude. But then his remark hit me, “I came to the conclusion – when am I going to be satisfied?”

That rang true for me. “When am I going to be satisfied? I love my company, that is, the boys I brought with me. We relish each other’s association even though things are very tight. That’s it. Be satisfied!”

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