Sunday, 21 February 2010

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Frail, and the Fail

Mayapura, West Bengal

The morning message from the vyasasan or elevated seat is shared by senior members. Each day an experienced sanyasi (monk) or grihasta (family person) takes a turn to convey the teachings of Vyasadev, the original speaker of the book Bhagavatam. Anuttama, a good friend and American teacher of bhakti yoga spoke about being frail in one's spiritual life. Basically he was saying (echoing from Srila Prabhupada) that "if you are frail you may fail." He gave the direction that good association is the ultimate safeguard against spiritual weakness. Good company is where spiritual life begins and ends.

There is, in truth, no point in going at spiritual pursuit alone. Even the saintly boy, Dhruva saw spiritualist, Narada Muni. Finally Dhruva saw Bhagavan Vishnu. He was always in some good camaraderie or in the company of superiors.

In the afternoon I had one woman, a grandmother, who asked if I could have her grandson travel with me, in her words, to provide him with the kind of company that she would like for him. I'm not sure whether it was of his own volition or her coaxing that had him come to see me during the Russian's Tenth Anniversary of their Cloud of Nectar party. For one decade this crew of energetic performers did entertain at the samadhi auditorium for themselves. Here was camaraderie at its best.

That was the point. Let's build a strong spiritual solidarity and win the fight against maya (illusion).

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