Sunday, 14 February 2010

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Don’t stop Checking!

Mayapur, West Bengal

Physical illness is one thing; spiritual illness is another. It is unfortunate that as leaders we must sometimes hear about someone’s defeat in the battle against maya. It is especially distasteful when a renounciant falls prey. This can happen to anyone because we are at war and it is a vicious war. We may refer to Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad-Gita to understand the overwhelming nature of combat when odds seem to be against the individual.

We can wave the flag of the many glorious tasks undertaken by spiritual leaders the world over. When someone of good charisma and good character loses grip it becomes a great defeat for the world. It is like when a marriage fails it impacts the whole human race. When a person of inspiration shows symptoms of weakness do we rally around and provide sufficient support? Sometimes it’s hard to catch it in time. I believe a better job can be done by us in observing symptoms, and better still, implementing systems to safeguard against…it is a sin to be a bystander. It is better to be pro-active than reactive or better to be satvic (in thoughtfulness) than to be rajasic (in passion).

While the world is troubled with ambitions and lusts a special effort can be made to protect the leaders of inspiration. Let’s more carefully analyze pitfalls such as too much adulation, isolation, overwork, overeating, access to funds, etc.

It’s a hard job to check advances of illusion or maya but that’s what war is all about. Don’t stop checking!

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