Monday, 13 May 2019

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Just For An Hour

“Connor, we’ll just go for an hour!” on foot, I meant. It turned out to be two hours later before we completed today’s sauntering.  I insisted on staying on level ground.  And the ground and grass, we did fathom, and at intervals, peered at that beauty of a blue sky.

At David Balfour Park, the reservoir is under renovation, with barrier walls making it impossible to peek through.  Some workers happened to be on their coffee break, which was conveniently positioned on the pedestrian path…our path.

“When will you guys finish?” I asked about their construction work.  I felt there was an opportunity for laymen and men of the cloth to chum a bit.

“We’ll move out o’ here in a couple of days,” said the one man, jokingly. 

“Yeah, right.  Looks like a full summer job.”

“That’s actually more like it,” he admitted.

Another one of the fellows with a hard hat expressed, “Hey, did anyone ever tell you, you resemble Kevin Spacey?”

“I’ve been told, yes, but these days…’that’s not so good!’” At least three of them plus myself, all said the same phrase—“that’s not so good,” at the same time, as if in chorus.  It was quite unique. Only Connor stood there with just a chuckle, at least joining us for the laugh.  

Poor Kevin.  I hope the actor may overcome his weakness.  We all have them.

May the Source be with you!
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