Monday, 13 May 2019

Monday, May 6th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

True Colours

So, the rule is to walk a stretch daily. “Not alone,” cautioned my doctor. It makes total sense.  

Raymond and I took to grooving, at least moving, through the park where you have this blossoming happening. I asked him what these blossoms do for him.

“Yeah, uh, blossoms, for me, are a symbol of the good times in life, so we should take advantage of the good K.C. (Krishna Conscious) times. Blossoms don’t last forever.”

Raymond was referring to opportunities that come and go. So take advantage!

We walked farther on, but it was not long before we came upon these fresh and ‘real’ potted flowers. Their colour and fragrance…so aromatic. What those flowers tell is that we must be real and genuine; address our conditions of human frailties whether anger, lust, greed or jealousy. Address our weeds and stand in line with the flower of integrity.  

Let us shine, shine, shine and generate something real.

On Mondays, our small group of resident devotees get together for an hour of reading and discussing passages from the book, Nectar of Devotion.  This evening we were looking at examples of the topic of devotion surpassing liberation. There were so many quotes from devotional sources supporting this idea of service being beyond freedom. To me, these quotes were like blossoms to my ears, encouraging us to pull out the best in us. If you want to be a real ‘flower child’ then get right down to service.

May the Source be with you!
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