Monday, 26 November 2018

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Meet Arnav, Chess Master

I remembered to call my dear sister, Rose Ann, to say, “Happy Birthday.”  A good day it was for her and also for we bhakti-yogis who are honouring this last day of the month of Kartik, the month of Krishna as a child.  I headed north today on Yonge, opposite direction to yesterday, from our ashram to the corner of Lawrence.

There Kishor picked me up for a song ceremony and food with friends, to commemorate the month where candles are presented.  At his home in Richmond Hill, families came including neighbours.  Kishor moved here from Atlanta not long ago and started a successful IT business.

I met his son, Arnav, age eight, who recently returned from Santiago de Campastella, the famous place where the world’s most renowned footpath begins in Spain.  Arnav went to Spain with his family to engage in chess.  Contestants came from all over the world.  He represented Canada and was able to make the trip with parents and sister because he gained a grant/scholarship for being the champ in his age group.  Smart kid! He scored well.

Krishna plays chess.  I imagine He wins.  We are not informed about His batting average at the game.  We know He is fond of it.  I’ve never ventured into the game.  Of anything, I try to champion walking.  

At least guests at Kishor’s home were impressed at my six kilometres.  “Aren’t you cold?” “There’s a full moon!” two remarked.

“Yes, these features add to inspiration.  Six K is nothing.  Standing in one spot causes freezing in this weather, but walking keeps you warm.”

May the Source be with you!
6 km

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