Monday, 1 October 2018

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

Beamsville, Ontario

Not Sour Grapes

The name of the place where we commenced our ‘continuation’ of the Bruce Trail is catchy.  It’s called “Megalomaniac” and it’s a winery., we are in the heart of grape country. Although our driver, Hari, went to grab two bunches to indulge in, from a carefully cultivated row of grapes, we got more excited about the less domestic wild grapes found on the trail.

Early on, Karuna and I found the Bruce providing us with blackberries and raspberries. Now it’s grapes.  My dear friend, Doctor Bandhari, who flew his private plane to meet me on the first Canada Walk in ‘96 on two occasions, partook of the tough walk of today, sampling the blue treasures—grapes.

It became apparent to Karuna and myself, that more people took to the trail today because it was Saturday and because it’s fall.  Better weather as opposed to the steaminess of this past summer. Groups of walkers told of sighting deer and coyotes.  We only saw rocks, but could hear hawks and blue jays.

I took well to my newly invested-in walking poles.  They worked great, and I'm sure the doctor will purchase a couple now that he has seen how effective they were for me.  “Try them out!” I offered him, and so he did.

Our team stopped after seven clicks (kilometres) due to time constraints, and as mentioned before, the Bruce is not a breeze.  It’s a hike more than a walk, with its ravines and rocks.  Full attention has to be given to where you step—like in life.

May the Source be with you!
7 km

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