Saturday, 8 September 2018

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Montreal / Fredericton

Good Drive, Good Walk

With the St. Lawrence on our left, and then a second great river, the St. John, to our left again, it made for gorgeous scenery. The condition of the Trans Canada Highway could not have been better.  My companions, Dhruva and two younger monks, Bhaktas Marshall and Samuel, are congenial, and Canadian-born—bred and raised.

For brunch, the boys purchased all ingredients for assembling wraps, and that was the time for me to walk through and beyond Montmagny, a modest-sized tourist trap, for it is here, thousands of white geese make their stopover in the fall—starting next month—before their major migration south. I saw it for myself on the first trek in 1996.  It was stunning.

For now, tourists on this Labour Day morning will have to settle for a monk who's passing through.  Going where?  No one knows. Even I didn't know for a good while. Where are the boys?  Well, they took their time wrapping, I guess.

Finally, after further driving, we entered serious moose country.  For me, it is astounding to see one of those bulls who resemble a king.  Incidentally, even in Montmagny there is promotion for Michael Jackson, King of Pop, in a new production.  Sorry, it thrills me less.  My opinion.

The destination for the drive was Fredericton at the new home of Kadamba Priya, who, along with family—including a new baby—just moved in yesterday; yet they are accommodating four of us monks.  The hospitality is just revolutionary.

May the Source be with you!
12 km

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