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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
Ottawa, Illinois

The Soul is Nomadic

We knew it would be a soaker today; so the weather report revealed.  Indeed, the rain came down quite evenly and consistently as Gopal drove me to the spot from where I left off the day before.

Was I prepared for the wetness?  Well, sort of!  I learned from my walk in Ireland that the dhoti (a monk’s lower garment) is prone to rip when you make a stride while the material is drenched.  It can be embarrassing.  I had little to worry about “being seen” on this Canal Trail, but I could not afford to have any torn clothing to worry about.

The solution?

I’ll go at it with merely my swimming trunks on, have sandals on my feet and an umbrella over my head.  The rain was warm.  Cold was not an issue.  I cautioned Gopal, “Don’t take any photos, please!”

He concurred-- and laughed.

There I roamed, down a leafy trail with trees on both sides, thunder and lightning occupying the skies.  Millions of fire-flies lit up the dark, early morning.  I then met with so-called civilization (humans) some hours later, upon entry of a small city called Ottawa.  The rain lulled. I changed back into my robes.  At Washington Park I met Rick Koshko from the local radio station.

He came equipped with umbrella and mic.  The rain poured like crazy, but he asked questions despite.  It was an in-depth interview.  He even caught me saying, “I’m an oddball.  I’m a monk for life.  Somewhere in a previous life I was married and had a family.”  I implied that I got desire (for family, sex) out of my system.

During the interview a representative from “The Times” popped over to get a photo for his story.  He wasn’t about to stay.  The rain came down like Noah had ever seen.

This evening I spoke to a group of Krishna devotees in Naperville.  The theme was “The soul is nomadic.”  It always moves. 

May the Source be with you!

14 miles

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