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Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Sunday, June 26th, 2016
Vancouver, British Columbia

By the Fraser

Walking took shape along the Fraser, again; this time with some of the people from last night's program.  Yes, we were set in nature and spontaneously the trail allows you to gawk at, pick at, and speak about the green friends around us.  It was bushes and trees that stood still, that so generously permitted our admiration. 

I pulled off of one tree something that resembled and unripe apple.  Anirudha sampled it and became our taste tester for this, and other curiosities along the way.  You should have seen his sour face after his teeth dug into the apple-look-alike.  It was the free form of the walnut-to-be.

I also pulled off some salmon berries, for Anirudha and other dare devils to try.  Nothing sour there.  There were also wild cherries on the trail-- another delight.  Then I pointed to the burdock and horse tail plants, both incredible cleansers known to help the kidneys and bladder.  In reality the stroll turned into an herbal walk, which put an extra shine to our picnic of less-wild food preps that we laid out on Indian mattresses.

One fellow, Tony, a massage therapist from Chicago, who recently did some work on my legs, told me, "People don't sing in America."  He was implying that life is complete when you sit and sing.  He also implied that, in order to overcome depression, you should sit down and sing with others. 

Our group took to Tony's prescription.  We sang mantras by the Fraser, after all the tasting.

May the Source be with you!

2 miles/3 km

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