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Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
Michigan City, Indiana


Catching our initial glimpse of Lake Michigan, one of those grandiose great lakes, put an acceleration in our step speed.  Uttama and I had trekked through the last of serene-form country before entering into this-- a world of cottages and their big draw-- the lake itself.

Going west was our route.  Once we came upon the lake, it was our determination to follow the shoreline as much as possible.  Who wouldn’t?

When navigation was switched over, between Uttama and Gopal, it was Gopal who became my walking companion.  One cyclist told us, “You’ve got the lake’s wind on your back.”  And so it was, a rather breezy, dynamic, and a not-too-hot amigo, in the form of wind, giving us blessings.

Now, before that experience, Gopal and I were puttering around, searching for a safe passage way to a more favourable trail.  While dodging the poison ivy, I noticed a poisonous copperhead snake we were about to accidentally step on.  It was a baby snake, and was conveniently camouflaged by its natural colourings.  Because he was small in size we didn’t take him too seriously, but he did expand his hood in defense, resembling a small cobra.

Personally, I found the whole affair exhausting, so I was pleased to find a “poison ivy free” path to a nicely shaded bike trail that seemed to stretch on for miles-- because it did.

May the Source be with you!

18 miles

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