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Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 
Toledo, Ohio

On Brint and Monroe Streets

"Can yah teach me how ta fat?" he asked.  He meant 'fight'.  There's an assumption that if you're a monk, you're automatically a martial artist. 

"I'll teach you how to avoid fighting.  I teach Bhakti Yoga, the lifestyle of gentleness.  When you need to defend yourself, first apply wisdom.  If that fails, then weapons."

The popcorn that the young man was munching on didn't all make it into his mouth as he listened to me half attentively.  I believe he was happy to have met me, as I was with him.  Also, his friend, a muscular guy with a huge smile, was cool.  He was the one that should be the fighter. 

Soon after I met these young chaps, I tackled Monroe Street, and then finally met up with Gopal and Uttama.  We took our first serious break for the day, and parked our vehicle next to some welcoming and shady greenery, and I left my door open on the passenger side in order to benefit from the breeziness.  I was sitting on the seat when a robin was came flying.  He hit the window pane of the open door.  He must have thought it was regular space and air.  The impact that he experienced by hitting the window knocked him out unconscious.  He came landing with a thud and then fell one inch from my feet.  He was struggling, you could see.  Within one minute his eyelids closed.  He was gone.  We chanted for him, wishing him a safe journey to his next destination.  Bless his soul. 

It was our first day using the Toyota van, lent to us by Renee of the Cleveland area.  Bless her soul.  People are helping so much with lodging, food, water, gas for the van, and encouragement.  I also received an email from a senior monastic godbrother, Jayadvaita Swami. 

"Well, you're doing the healthiest thing in the world and making a valuable spiritual contribution by your example.  Happy walking, and happy chanting."

May the Source be with you!

19 miles

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