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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
Grosse Point, Michigan

Vehicle Switch

While on a patient wait for our navigator/assistant, Gopal, to switch vehicles for the next stretch of our walk, a television interview was arranged for me.  Robert Taylor, host of ‘Out of the Ordinary,’ with MWTV, and co-host, Pamela, wanted to know about the passion for trekking across the US.  Our mics were hooked up with cameras in place.  The sun acted as natural light.  We were seated on wooden stools with back support, looking much as if they were directors' chairs.  One of the camera men brought an umbrella to shoo away red-winged black birds, they tend to make their shrilling sound.  We were seated in the back yard, on the grassy edge along glorious Lake Sinclair. 

The questions were, "Give us a little background of yourself."  "How did you enter into monkism?"  "Why the walk across America?"

The grass below us was present, the sun was strong, but tolerable.  I felt like I was actually on the road.  The answers to the questions went along these lines:

"The idea behind doing extensive walking is to make a strong green statement, and also about stepping more into the zone of reality.  20th century humans (now 21st) have had their feet off the ground too long (about 2 feet, actually, when you're in a moving car).  And perhaps, with the head too much in the clouds, if not in the sand.  It's time to hug our feet on the ground again, and grasp reality in the form of getting back to good old values, such as God, work, play, family, community, and ultimate freedom.  Let's clear away the cobwebs from the mind.  There are spiritual solutions to material problems.  Walking and meditating can combat our ills."

May the Source be with you!

3 miles

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