Friday, 14 June 2013

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

We Are A River

Winkler, Manitoba

In the drive down highway 75 for reaching my destination point and commencing the daily walk, I noticed the beautiful curvy course of the Red River. In fact, yesterday, I walked over the river (by bridge, of course, and not as Jesus did). Despite its natural aesthetics it left me a sad impression, something seemed not right, something was amiss.

I’m sure the river functions well as a flood drain, as a water supply for irrigating farmers’ fields, and adding joy to waterfront property owners who like the calmness of its liquid flow, but what else? It dawned on me that why is it not utilized more? I could picture a happy canoer gliding along leisurely in a sportive mode of travel.

My thought provoked a greater depth of wonder. Why is it that as humans we underutilize our spiritual potential? We are like rivers that could do so much more. It’s natural to ponder this world of phenomenal happenings which come in daily doses. What of the prairie sky, its rich colour? What about a seed so small and how it can transform into a giant beauty as time passes? Just the sheer satisfaction of seeing the tree lined river inspired some appreciation for something too great to explain. There’s a world of miracles out here with rich wholesome opportunities, but in general we appear to be too dull to tap into an innate resource – the spiritual one.

Our guru, Srila Prabhupada, made the point about us being distinct from the animal kingdom and utilizing the human form of life as it is meant to – to probe into spiritual subject matters. When Doug and I returned back to Winnipeg for the overnight stay, I spotted the river once again and viewed its meandering loveliness and saw at least two canoes occupied by people and oars.

The river seemed complete.

25 KM

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