Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013


Saskatchewan/Hwy 3/18

I never feel like I'm in some major league,nor that I'm in theplayoff, but I believe I'm in a good team and that today we made a touchdown.

With japa beads in hand and the maha-mantra on my tongue and lips, the milestone was reached by completing on foot the province of Manitoba. We made a touchdown.

It was obscure. A mere simple sign on Highway 3 that indicates that we are now in Saskatchewan. All seems the same though from an external point of view. It's the same asphalt but the nomenclature changes. It's now highway #18.

To witness the event were the spectators themselves. What would not be a more appropriate group of viewers than a herd of bison, the provincial animal whose insignia is stamped on each highway sign. Nole, just east of Pierson, a village of 140 population, 6 kilometres shy of the border, a group of the beautiful beasts went to a stunned "freeze" when they heard my feet grip the gravel and then decided to go for an intermission from feeding. In other words, they turned their backs on me and went to the far reaches of the field. At least they demonstrated solidarity.

And get a load of this - less than one kilometre before reaching the finish-line, the border, two moose gawked at Daruka, with camera in position and Billie, the parrot on his shoulder. They went the way of the buffalo. "These are humans. Let's get outta here!"

As far as humans go, a good number of passers-by in mostly trucks of canola, wheat, cattle growers and oilfield workers, did stop and cheerlead in their own way. "Keep it up," they said.

So now Daruka and I were left to celebrate with strawberry milkshakes and then make a 3 hour drive to White City for an evening house program of CEC, chat, eat and chant.

20 KM

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