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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The Danger to Spiritual Life
Mayapura, West Bengal

I went to the Chaitanya Bhavan to meet an Australian friend, Nrsimha Kavacha. Our occasion was for business of a different kind. We were initiating talks about spiritual fall downs and exploring the multiple reasons and possible solutions for preventing the dark hour that the soul my go through. The man in the renounced order can also be vulnerable prey to human nature and we have seen the sad results of inattention to spiritual regimen.

To greet me at the door was a friendly body-building priest by the name of Simha Gauranga. He can be described as a warrior with neck as thick as his head. Jokingly he said "Many people in this building are counselors. I'm a canceler. People here are involved in devotee care. For me it's devotee scare."

"Okay, there's a place for everyone in this world."

When Nrsimha welcomed me to sit for a discussion we did then proceed to discuss the topic of those symptoms and habits which could cause a scare and a cancellation for spiritual life.

Here's the initiation installment of thoughts:

1) Poor sadhana (not honouring the standard rules or attendance at group functions)

2) Imbalanced lifestyle -- not enough time for exercise -- too many hours at the computer -- over eating.

3) Too much adulation (over praise)

4) Isolationism -- not enough time with peers.

5) Too many disciples -- taking a load impossible to maintain.

 6) Over-worked -- stress -- multi-tasked to the max.

7) Money -- personal handling of funds and recipient of generous donors -- large inheritances.

8) Exposure to disciples of opposite sex.

9) Being mechanical -- following routine -- superficial imposition of oneself -- "not being yourself".

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