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Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Morning is Special

Mayapura, West Bengal

Morning is Special -- always, especially before the awakening of the world.  In Mayapura there is no exception to this rule. Humans are visibly few.  The chaukidhar (security guard) might also be asleep.

Walking along the periphery of guest houses another life becomes prominent.  A choir of jackals fill the ether.  Luckily pesky mosquitoes are not a reality as of yet.  The air is still a trite cool for the little buggers.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so prejudice towards such little entities, bothersome as they are.  They are naturally part of the food chain and should probably be given credit.

Speaking of food, its delicious coming from the kitchens of Mayapura.  Too many choices.  I confine my palate for noon-time meals only, which is a tasty kichari (rice and moong dhal beans mixed with a variety of veggies).  Papaya chunks is my only breakfast.

Health keeps up except for a bad cough.  Colds and throat issues are common here.  People say it's the dust that clogs the upper gates of the body.

In the evening the youth organized a spontaneously powerful presentation of devotion.  Kish, of the popular Mayapuris Bhajan Band, set up a talent show. He had selected artists like magicians, singers, acrobats, dancers.  They were good.  When some technical difficulties arose I was asked to come to the stage to fill up the space (or kill some time).  This is not the first time I've been called on for this service.  I started a kirtan or a choir if you will.

The morning and evening came together with sound. The day began with jackals and ended with angels.   This means that the evening can also be very special provided all attention is given to the Creator.  Yes?

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