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Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Get On With the Show
Toronto, Ontario

It would not be a speculation to say that many of us are just too mental these days. You know what I'm talking about - the airy fairy, uncertain, indecisive, yes-no-maybe genre, the mish-mosh spineless approach to things. We are talking about the fickle mind.

In the Gita the mind in its takeover on a human being (a clear conquest) is described as an adversary.  There the mind is called 'cancala' or flickering. An image that hits home to illustrate its nature is like that of a flame on a candle that wavers by the wind. It's here. It's there. It's everywhere.

I took my evening walk on Yonge. Happily I met, by accident, three different acquaintances. I decided to stop in at the Blue God tattoo shop where there are more acquaintances. I expressed to one of the personnel there that I was in the middle of my religiously followed daily trek.

His remark (and I relay this amiably) was, "I was thinking about walking more. It will reduce some of this," at which he placed his hands over his rather robust abdomen. "I recently had pneumonia and so I lost eight lbs."

Laughingly I said, "Well, that's a great prescription for everyone - get pneumonia!

"You know, sometimes you just have to make a firm decision about something and JUST DO IT."

He then replied, "Usually I have to visualize myself doing something and take some time to dwell on that. It might take weeks."

I thought, OMG, forget about processing. JUST DO IT. When you know something is beneficial, JUST DO IT!

For many issues dwelling on anticipated things is just plain old procrastination. It's harmful.

Anyways, he took it very well. We parted on real good terms. Whether it's walking, or whether it's anything that's being kind to yourself and others, simply plan it out. How much time to put in? At what speed? Where? And so on and then GET ON WITH THE SHOW!

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