Monday, 6 February 2012

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Some Partners
Markham, Ontario

Within 24 hours I met two walking partners of the past, both members of our community in Toronto. Each one expressed to me the same thing. It is due to 'bad knees' that a serious trek with me will not be possible in the future, at least in this life.

I was sad to hear that they declined my offer when reconvening a fourth cross country walk for this spring. I enjoyed Makhan's company in '96. He's from Gujarat and was an avid tennis player - before - that is. Adwaita from Mauritius liked the trek when he joined me at different locations, almost at a whim, to be by my side and including his wife, Sita and their two girls.

Both guys have had physical issues. We're looking at them being in their sixties.

Mukunda Goswami, one of my favourite monks, and one of our guru's first American students, told me personally, "When I hit 60 many things started falling apart (in reference to his body)." When he told me that I had hoped that his statement wasn't prophetic nor that it applies to all at that age.

This year I'm going to turn 60. A big part of me says I'm still at sweet sixteen. Another part argues it. In reality, I'm neither one of these figures, nor am I this body. I'ts a relief to know that I'm not this aging model. I'm not sure when your machinery is considered 'vintage'. What a consolation it is knowing the soul is permanent and that I am the soul!

In any event the personality behind my former partners are irreplaceable and that's sad but new human flavours will happily make their way in when they will share some of their valuable life experiences with me. That's precious!

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