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Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Monks Farewell!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today was time allotted for parting words with the brahmacari monks. Under the good direction of Nitai Ram, most of these men (numbering eight) were novices three years ago. Since their joining they have gained experience at distributing books by our guru, Srila Prabhupada. They have learned cooking, cleaning, giving classes and in the case of one, learned to do havans (fire sacrifice), how to record expenses and income, how to play the drum and other instruments and lead chanting sessions.

We reflected on the grass at the historic Citadel. Experience was our basic theme for the day. Practically all of these young men had their experience at gratification of the senses, but they had changed upon the life of devotion and it was game over – a new experience. Now, with time, direction and trial and error, and a lot of persistence, they have blossomed from the experience.

If you look for a job and you send in a resume which lists that you have some years of experience at some task, that says a lot.

In the morning I led a class and discussion about the experience of twelve great mahajans (teachers) and how in their association one becomes trained or at least learned by taking direction from their messages which are recorded in the book, Bhagavatam.

These boys, our brahmacaris, are enviable. They work well as a group. I’m going to miss them. We spent some time together walking and chanting such as at Phoenix Rising Yoga Centre last evening. May their experience place them in a position of devotional empowerment. They will bear the torches that we currently hold in our hands.

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