Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

What Sunday Should Be!

Duntroon, Ontario

Naturopath healers, professional runners, massage therapists and yoga practitioners were amongst listeners to my trekking pastimes in this small town near this Blue Mountain ski district. The time passed by rapidly as I was unfolding the various adventures of walking to the extreme. As usual I interweave philosophy into the presentation. "You must know your audience," as they say, so with this group I had come to understand that most of the participants had some "Vedic" connection, and hence, I could speak rather comfortably using the word sattvic, for instance, and eventually the word "God" and "Krishna".

When speaker and audience are on the same page there is a sense of harmony. Many questions came regarding the practical aspects of the marathon walks as well as the spiritual intent behind them. There were young children present and they also maintained a level of attention that was unparalleled. The chanting session we held at the end went over very well and refreshments to follow were for the health conscious.

My real good friend from Poland, Mahasrngha, cooked pasta for me and baked a delicious carob cake to be shared by all. Rami Bleckt, our host and ayur-veda astrologer, demonstrated his love by staging the event in his home. A real gentleman!

I was contemplating on the thought of Sunday evening being this way for the whole world' that a sense of community be the real experience for the entire human race and that real joy could be felt by all.

As Krishna states in the Gita, "susukam kartum avyayam." Chanting, honouring prasadam (sanctified food), some words of wisdom are all happily executed.

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