Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Canmore, Alberta

Meals and Walks

It was a long day yesterday and it included a great meal at the end, a grainless one. Traditionally every fortnight, we honour a fast from grains and also accept a turkeyless meal (it’s Canada’s Thanksgiving Day weekend, yet we are staunch vegetarians). The evening also included a talk I gave from the Gita, 9.26, at the Radha Madhava Cultural Centre. We acknowledge in this verse the type of food items acceptable to our Lord Krishna. Food of a sattvic (mode of goodness nature) is what is preferable. Veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, and lacto foods. The emphasis for offering food is on the intent, bhakti is a word that appears twice in the verse. What is bhakti? It is intense love, devotion.

For walking, my host, Gaura Chandra, an Italian born Krishna devotee, took me on a trail in the Monterey neighbourhood of Calgary’s east end. Prairie breezes were low, but were there. A second trek was held in Canmore, a small city nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of the Bow Valley. Meaningful meetings of the Canadian ISKCON AGM were conducted at the Ramada Inn. We discussed great topics, both fun and sensitive, such as working in the cohesive spirit, to education of sexual misconduct on the pastoral level. Another great meal was provided, reaching our tummies, and it had a definite thank you status. It was sattvic and flavourfully good. In the room next to us at a banquet wedding meat was served, offering a different kind of odour. Interesting juxtaposition!

Generally at this time of year, it does come to mind that thanksgiving needs to be redefined somehow.

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