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Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Three Sisters

Canmore, Alberta

Three Sisters are a tri-peaked mountain set east of Canmore. A local person describes them as guardians of the valley. To me they appear like three nuns standing at the threshold of a convent.

We are at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, you can’t find a more heavenly place to talk about lofty things. Even though our Inn where our meetings are held are within a valley, our true purpose for coming together is to attain sangha (each other’s company). Like minded, our group is. We are all not only from the same country, Canada, but we all have the same spiritual passion. This passion goes twofold. Each and everyone of our attendees carry a concern for his or her own destiny. We seek love for Krishna and liberation from this world. Our second passion is generated towards the world. We wish to share what we know about Vedic knowledge, which in truth, is meant for everyone. To share that wealth of information requires planning. On the second day of our gathering, our group representing fourteen official centres, big and small, are speaking on how to improve the guardianship of both our own individual souls and those of others who are seekers of the truth.

For those who come to this touristic area of mountains and wildlife, it is advised to be wild smart regarding elk, bear, coyote and cougar, to learn how to avoid encounters, and how to handle attacks. Similarly, we have our souls to protect from self serving agendas that come from within.

It seems the Three Sisters are there watching over us during our break period to remind us of how important guardianship is.

12 KM

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