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Monday, October 17th, 2011

They Want to Hear

Mumbai, India

The tide came high in the night. Enough beach front remained for pacing to and fro while chanting japa. Barking dogs kept me in a restricted distance for this pacing. "That's okay!" I thought. You know the saying, "let sleeping dogs lie." It is very applicable here.

In the pacing I do pass by a group of young men who chatter and play cards. They don't bark, rather they insist on saying, "Hare Rama Hare Krishna!" You know it's India, it's special.

Much later in the day I did not divulge in this rather ordinary experience when asked to speak to a class of brahmacaris from Pune, who had come to stay in the Juhu Ashram for 4 days to facilitate the leaders at our meetings. This group of bright boys insisted on hearing of some more gripping pastimes I had on the road on the marathon walks. They wanted to hear the adventurous side of trekking. What is it like? How do you deal with people, with the harsh elements, wildlife? They were curious to know as to how the day to day procedure works.

Being young monks the appeal of 'the simple life on the road' was strong. Hearing of the detached nature of the roaming lifestyle provided an inspiration. It's always important to intertwine the philosophy of the Bhagavat with pedestrian pastimes.

"Does the walking increase your Krishna Consciousness?" asked one of the students.

"Most definitely," I explained with words that I feel could never sufficiently describe the feeling. You really have to go out there and do it.

My roomate , Yadunandan Swami, from Spain told me prior to my leaving the room to deliver my presentation to the young men about the magical effect of the famous Santiago de Camino walk that has been taking place. He told me that Krishna devotees have tread that trail. This of course, had wet my appetite for lusting after that trail. It just seems that there are trails that beckon walking addicts towards them.

Hmmmm! Let's see when I can blaze that trail!

7 Km

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