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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Tell Them

Duntroon, Ontario

They were deep down in the crevice. Madehavendra and I first heard faint voices within the rock somewhere along the trail. They were happy sounding youthful voices and they gradually became more audible as the two of us inched our way to the edge of the escarpment’s cliff. When we saw the source of the voices we identified them as a class of students a good 30 feet below amidst moss-covered well-worn rock. They were exploring nature.

So were Madhav and I. One of the teens below looked up and shouted, “Hare!” Little did he know this was the road of transcendence. The whole group waved their arms in greeting – a greeting which comes so naturally in such a Godly-charged woody atmosphere.

After we left the youngsters in their narrow crevices of fun we were dwarfed plentifully by birch and beach trees admiring the young and old among them, some so aged we couldn’t make it out of their model. Those certainly demonstrated an haunting aspect with their brittle bark and leaves abandoned from their tree tops. Such leaves were picked up by Vayu (god of the wind) and tossed by air eddies to eventually land until the next whirlwind pushed them about.

Madhav and I were led on this trail by local resident Rami Blekt, an Ayurveda pshychologist. He had given us the warm hospital of his home for the morning hours while a view into our astrological readings was simply an added feature of insightfulness. He mentioned that I should always be close to the earth and avoid living too high.

The crown jewel of the visit to Duntroon was the Bruce trail that we tread. Here you gain the sense of being small, but empowered, a sense of freedom yet anchored like so many of the trees whose roots we mugged our feet over while their arms above danced a happy one.

Madhav and I took to only a 2.5 km loop of the trail but our dreams cast us ahead to the spring when so much more can be savoured. Our intent is to bring our youth to this country treasure. Share what good you have found. Share ‘what is sattvic’ as Rami had said. Tell them that this is a wonderland better than Alice knew. And tell them the source of this beauty is the forest-dwelling youthful Krishna.


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