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Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Get Some Control Back

Wakefiled, Quebec

Through the resort’s window pane the dark morning appeared to reveal a fog. I asked Krishna Das,my traveling buddie from decades ago, if he wanted to foot it down the road through Rupert district.

“Sure”, he said, as if old times were to revisit us.

The window pane was deceptive. A clear air was before us as we opened the door. We were relieved. We wanted it this way after the downpour from the previous days and all the overcastness. Stars were punctuating the sky and the crest-moon was so well-defined. Not a car came to pass us during that 90 minute trek. We were relieved even more. The shanty (peace) we came here for had become a reality.

Krishna Das and I shared many good days together serving our mission, the spreading of Krishna Consciousness. We have seen star peering skies before. When returning back to the main building on the resort we relayed our star experience to one of the colleagues.

“Yeah”, he said with excitement like a kid in a candy shop,” I saw it too. It’s the first time ever for me.”

“You are a city slicker?” I teased.

“I guess I am’ said Harinam , our rep from Brampton, Ontario.

I personally found that remark like Ripley’s Believe it or not. How is it possible for a person in his forties to not have viewed a star sprinkled sky before? The urbanization of today with all the city lights is robbing people of the factual truth. I sometimes get a bit sentimental over issues like that. Have we come this far at spoiling ourselves?

At lunchtime I sunk my eager teeth into large kernelled corn on the cob. Sadly the corn lacked the flavour that my boyhood taste buds recollect. Of course, science has tampered with our food impressing our eyes but not the nutrient needs nor meeting the satisfaction of the tongue.

It’s times like this that remind me of the urgent need to get back to the land and gain control of our destinies again.

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