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Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Angles to Help

Niagara Falls, New York State

After a brief walk through Toronto’s Roseday I ventured by wheels to the Falls on the U.S. side to assist a family going through some healing. The setting, the Falls itself, was a perfect backdrop for the curing of some fragmented hearts. Problems came about in the first placed through lack of listening and the ability to see things from different perspectives. The water helped me to see a parallel.

I usually see the majestic movement of water from the Canadian angle. From the U.S. side the view is quite different. You can walk a choice of bridges to Goat’s Island and relish the rush of water under your feet; what might be level 4 for white water rafters. Surely rafting is forbidden here. Daredevils have come up with their own mode of travel such as going over the Falls in a barrel. But speaking more specifically about the white water, it is a real close-up experience more so than when you cross the Canadian border.

On the return journey on Queen Elizabeth Way back to Toronto the three of us visitors with passports in our pockets took a sudden swing over to a service road where lies this rustic old sail vessel formerly sunk and now surfaced at the east harbour of Lake Ontario. It was fascinating. We took photo shots of the ancient ship from various angles. We just wanted to understand it better. Our speculation was that this boat was either downed by storm or by foe (remember the Americans and the British had multiple battles in this area).

We were also left to wonder its approximate days of sailing glory; likely two centuries old.

What I learned from the visuals of today was to always study from various angles an object, and event, a concept, a person, before laying down conclusions and passing judgments. You have to look at the bow the stern, the crow’s nest (and whatever other boat parlance is there), before you really appreciate a boat’s beauty.

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