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Monday, October 11th, 2010

Getting Found

Brampton, Ontario

What a clever idea!

It’s common practice, tradition, habit, whatever to acknowledge the special days on the Vedic calendar which are holy and happy. Someone came up with the concept to honour Thanksgiving Day in a temple setting. Like the first feast of good cheer that historically took place somewhere near Plymouth; a congenial eating event of thanks between the ostracized pilgrims of Britain and the homegrown natives (Wampanoag) of Virginia, a beautiful meal was prepared at the Iskcon Brampton Centre.

Over the microphone, by name, participants of the last year were recognized. It was appropriately an occasion of gratitude. It was a feel good program – and taste good. Mind you, history tells of a non-veg program that natives and colonists collaborated on. Let us consider tha spirit behind the event. Karmically I would perceive those who indulged as innocent by-standers.

But back to bhakti. Bhakti means gratitude. I was touched by the Brampton experience today as a dinner with the larger family. It was an expression of thanks. In all frankness, Thanksgiving should be an every day occasion.

At ‘my’ moment (on the mic) I shared my feelings about thanks to our guru, Srila Prabhupada. We honourifically title him as the founder of the Hare Krishna movement (in 1966 we became registered as a society in New York City). I would like to make mention that he is also the founder of us. We were drowning in an ocean of turmoil. We were lost in the forest of excessive life. We were ‘found’. We began to discover ourelves, to find out who we really are.

So, thanks to the Founder.


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