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Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Beware Beware

Toronto, Ontario

I spent the night at the home of a Maurition couple, Advaita and Sita. Lovely hosts they are. We had a mini-sadhana program, a spiritual work-out, you can say followed by a breakfast of veggies. I insisted on these delicious from the night before. I have no fear of left –overs, as long as they haven’t been too leftover. From their home I took to walking north on Scarlett Road, over the Humber River by bridge and west on Eglinton Avenue.

The weather was around the freezing point but I was sweating in a tweed winter coat which I took off my back to carry under the arm. I saw dog-walkers and church-goers on foot and motorists up to some mystery.

The arrangement was for Advaita to pick me up for the 20 minute drive to the Brampton centre. There I met more gracious hosts who were most eager to here a message from the Gita. A young 17 year old boy, interested in psychology as future studies took a liking to the message. He particularly was humoured by the term I used ‘’ bhoji yogi’’, a term often used facetiously in the 70’s by speakers of the Gita to describe non-genuineness holy men. These do exist, of ascetics who cut the profile of the sadhu or holy man, look but who lead another life, a life of double standards. Bhogi is extracted from the word bogus or even bhoga which refers to sense enjoyment. Other pretty words have been used to define false renounciants, charlatans. A sincere questions asked by Arjuna in the Gita is ‘what are the symptoms of one who is realized?’. Then Krishna begins to elaborate. In essence he refers to the person that is free from sensual undertaking.

Beware! Beware! Of the wolf in sheep’s clothing! These might seem to be strong terms or words but for any seeker of the truth you want to sufficiently investigate a possible guide before accepting him or her as a teacher for life.
Beware of double standards!

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