Monday, 11 January 2010

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Killing and thieving! Thou shalt not do these things!

Scarborough, Ontario

My driver to the Scarborough Centre described his recent trip to Vrindavan, India. Not all people who go there have such pure intentions as he had found out. He had been in the courtyard of a very popular temple and ended up by circumstance where a group of elderly women were standing for adoring the deity of Krishna. It was rather crowded situation and people sometimes joke about congestion in the Indian public “you get a free body massage just by standing there.”

After he offered his pranam and obeisance by getting on his knees, he noticed that the wallet from his side pocket was missing. He lost his money, ID and other documents. It was painful for him at the time.

Pick pocketing is common in many of these sacred places. It’s a vulture’s game. Pilgrims are vulnerable. My friend was “taken aback” (as he put it) that some female visitors would be the culprits. By talking to others in the area, apparently, age and gender draw no line in this habit when it comes to theft. It seems that people are not well informed about karmic repercussions.

On the more positive note, my friend did convey his joy about a major conquest back home in Scarborough. He spoke about a family that he recently converted to vegetarianism. “A whole family- Dad, mom and four kids!” he said it as it was a great triumph. I have to agree. Animal slaughter is an extreme means for obtaining food.

Killing and thieving! Thou shalt not do these things!

After an evening of lively chanting, talk and food, my friend drove me home to the ashram. It was 10 pm and I hadn’t yet walked for the day, so I told him:
“Thou shalt walk!”
“Thou shalt chant!”
Of course I was referring to myself, so I did those two things until midnight.

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