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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio

Returning Things

Now that the walk is put to rest for the time being, it is a matter of tidying up and putting away, or giving away (as gifts) some of the items that were part and parcel of our paraphernalia meant for the travels.

At an evening sanga (gathering), I gave away some literature for good reading, a stockpile we had left over after sales.  The group in Cleveland was really fanciful by the offer of Steven Rosen’s book “Christ and Krishna.”  Rosen is one of my favourite authors and the book is excellent.  As I was passing them out, I received donations, against the printing costs anyways.

One of the items we were to return back to its owner, with whole-hearted obligation and appreciation, was the Honda van which we named Vamana.  Rene is a true sweet-heart for lending it to us over this period of two and a half months.  We wanted to return it in as mint a condition as possible.  This entailed internal and external cleansing.  Mandala did a great job with that.  A rear window was replaced by us after someone had bashed that area and snuck inside while we were parked in Des Moines, one night.  We also  gassed up, and Mandala and I went to the Lube Shop for an oil change.

This last item was a good experience in terms of the thorough, friendly nature in which the auto crew handled themselves.  As said, they were friendly, and concise.  And quick!  I was inspired. 

“Now this is the way a spiritual organization can be managed,” I thought.  And if I could add, the tone of empathy in dealing with clients/congregants/seekers could be added.

May the Source be with you!

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