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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Good Thing

The real good thing about keeping a dog is that he/she forces the master to go for that stroll.  I witnessed this dynamic when staying with my host in Saskatoon.  A three-month-old husky pup, fairly new-acquired, needs that walk through the neighbourhood, to go for an ultimate exploration (checking out just about everything) and going for that workout.

Now this pup, Akela by name, is the cutest thing, with one green eye and one blue.  He rarely barks, but does more howling, as is expected from a canine who’s a wolf-derivative.

In any event, this young pup participated, by leash, at the chanting procession--at least the start of the program--for the Festival of India.

Akela and I get along, but it was another guest who I’ve been bonding with or, shall I say, developing a friendship with.  It’s Mayor Don Atchison who has come to the Festival of India for the second year in a row.

We share a lot of the same interests.  He’s a marathoner, can easily take on a four mile jaunt per hour, and he’s quite excited about the coming completion of the Trans-Canada Trail, a walker’s paradise path.  It will penetrate right though the parameters of the city of Saskatoon—his city.

Next year Canada will be 150 years old and the finishing touches to this trail is the obvious timeline.  This becomes tempting for me.  Shall I, if not next year, on in the future, tackle this most glorious walking challenge?

May the Source be with you!

4 km

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