Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
Chicago, Illinois

Now That This Half Is Over

About the sweetest thing I experienced from this stretch of the U.S. walk was to receive a letter from my spiritual brother, who’s also a monk—Jayadvaita Swami.  The words were encouraging.

“Well, you’re doing the healthiest thing in the world and making a valuable spiritual contribution by your example.  Happy walking and happy chanting.”

I’ve calculated to have just completed 1,232 miles or 1982.7 kilometres from Butler, Pennsylvania to Seward, Nebraska.  There’s another 1,594 miles to go to make it to San Francisco.  For now, I’ll hold it as a dream until I return, in the spring of 2017, to exercise the second half of the U.S.A.

It was today that I sat for nine hours in a meeting, with minor breaks at different times.  The feet hardly did any work.  It’s awkward, and it doesn’t make for great sleeping conditions in the night.

At 6:30 p.m. Praharana, a godsister from Canada, and I, delivered a talk on youth empowerment.  Some of the highlights were “when we became renunciates we were young,” (average age of people joining in the early 70’s was anywhere from 18-24), and “take responsibility when you’re young.”  And finally, we spoke about Krishna appearing ‘young’ in His pastimes.  His childhood and youth are to be adored.

May the Source be with you!

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