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Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
Strausstown, Pennsylvania

It Looked Like

It looked like a scene from ‘Gone with the Wind’.  There was a scarlet-red sky on the sunrise as we were walking on the road.  We approached a hill so the intensity of redness was half concealed. Tre’von was the first one to hear the sound of a horse’s gallop on the asphalt.  He, Mandala and I saw, as we ascended the hill, an actual horse, a carriage, and a passenger, an Amish man in a broad sunhat spurting just before us in rapid motion.  The horse reacted swinishly, surprised by our sudden presence.  We observed a magical silhouette with the passenger pulling the reins.  It was like Rhett Butler controlling an excited horse with flames and blaze in the background.  Wow!

There were numerous interactions with people since the weather was so conducive.  We met one mild-mannered man by the side of the road who was tending to his crop of white cedar.  We went into conversation.  The first topic was about young trees, then about the walking mission, and then about monks.

“Do monks believe in Jesus?”

“Yes, most definitely”.  (He lived like one).

“Do monks believe he is the son of God?”

“Yes.  God is the father so that makes Jesus the son”.

“But, for salvation, you need Jesus”.

“That principle we accept. You can’t receive salvation on your own. We need help”.

From here I dared not to get into further communication where one can be sure of a one-way scenario.  So it was time to wish this man well with his tree nursery.  I had to move on.

A glorious end to the day was at Gita Nagari Yoga Farm where I presented to the local folks who we met along the way for the last four days.  

This is the fruit of our endeavour.  Humans should come together to hear and discuss something spiritual, to chant, to eat and to leave for home with an enhanced richness and with books and beads in their hands.  

May the Source be with you!

24 miles / 39 km

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