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Monday, November 16th, 2015

Monday, November 16th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Whim and Purpose

I went westwardly twice today, first by way of Bloor Street and then later by Dupont.  I guess I was taken by whim each of those two times.  No!  Time number two was a deliberate visit to the home of a young man whose grandmother just passed away.  He wanted me and other members of our ashram to have a grand veggie prasadam meal in her honour. 

The sentiment is noble and appropriate.  She is in India now thousands of miles away or perhaps now thousands of yojanas away (a yojana is a Vedic measurement equating to 15 kilometres or 8 miles).  Since the soul travels, there is no guarantee that it returns to Earth once leaving.  It may be destined to more sublime spheres.  This could be something to rejoice about, since existence on our plane is wrought with suffering and with not enough enjoyment to match.

In the Gita, Krishna speaks of pain and pleasure, sadness and gladness as being a very shared reality.  Right in the beginning of chapter 2, he addresses dual experiences.  Therefore, application of tolerance is necessary and acceptance is key. 

We are encouraged to be in Vaikuntha (Heaven) wherever we are.  It is the state of consciousness that is important.  Our greed and envy tends to stir the pot and agitate us to the point where we say, "the other man’s grass is always greener".  By the way, that’s not always necessarily true - it’s greener where you water it.  My condolences go to the righteous young man, Durjoy by name, and all well wishes go to his grandma, a mature and pious lady.

May the Source be with you!

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