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Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Thursday, November 5th, 2015
Fogelsville, Pennsylvania


Recently I’ve been lucky if you can consider luck as a principle of reality.  Or, let’s say I was a recipient of kindness in the form of new pairs of shoes.  A box was sent from Florida by Ananta Sesa, a financialist.  The contents of the box were a pair of Keen shoes which are sturdy and airy.  We also managed to pick up a package that came from Pittsburgh.  Our dear friends Nitya Dita and Siksastaka delivered a pair of Oofos shoes which are light, soft, and bouncy.  Along with my current sandals (complements from an admirer in Spain), I can now interchange between varieties of footwear and make the ends of my two lower limbs happy.

While trekking Old Route 22, right next to Interstate 81, I received a good response from the motorists.  A man named Lance pulled over on the road right next to a pond where a pair of celestial-like swans were gliding.

He said, “My fiancée saw you passing by our home so I’m here to find out about you”.

We chatted.

I received a ride offer from Rob who was coming back from his work.  Of course, I declined.

Another young guy who was working on the road side and kicking fallen leaves from the sycamore tree was picking up traffic cones when he saw me.  I then introduced myself as a person sometimes referred to as a ‘moving traffic cone’.  He then remarked, “Ah, the colour! The colour you are wearing…”.  We laughed and chatted.

And near the Old 22 was a highway where a road construction crew was busy at work.  Some of those workers started moving traffic cones and gave hand waves and nods of approval for me to pass.  Wait a minute, did I say construction crew? Let me rephrase, it was more like a group of cheerleaders.

Andrew from TV 69 came to interview me as I was ambling alone on the last mile.  It was a day when you couldn’t feel neglected.

May the Source be with you!

22 miles / 36 km

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