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Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Sun. Nov. 23, 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The community of devotees in Buenes Aires have had it rough in the last few months. The human dynamics of divided interests split the consciousness that was there when I made my first visit in 2006. Fortunately a third party was called in under the able mediation of good friend Jaga Jivan from Paraguay just prior to the Chariot Festival. Hope was restored and it appeared to me that the happiness in the hearts of the community was a gauge for some level of success. What can be done. Even Spiritual families have their differences. We just have to attempt to resolve, that`s all.

One young family man, Javier, who shares life with a supportive wife and daughter, became enthused to take diksha, spiritual initiation. His new name is JANMASTHAMI DAS. I am overly impressed with his active participation in service. Being non political, and simplicity of character is what is really going to spare him from being involved in dissention. It is heart warming to meet someone trusting and not evil – hearted. Some monks and I took to walking on what seemed like an endless residential street until we stumbled upon the commuter train tracks. I am learning the spanish word for dog, cat, pigeon, dove, street, etc. I certainly could not ignore those massive beautiful purple flowered trees indigenous to the area, the name of which I forgot.

The Sunday evening program at the ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) centre drew a vast amount of people. Some young people of same gender orientation came to visit for the first time. They were curious about our views on same – sex relations. Our monks get asked all the time about our stance on the issue. My answer is Krishna is accepting of everyone. If one choses the experience of celibacy the ashram is a good place to lie. Otherwise we all have an obligation to regulate and control our sexual appetite.

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