Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Sun. Oct. 5/08 - Mississauga , Ontario, Canada

It was my 56th birthday today to celebrate I wanted to have a marathon of walkers take stride from one pilgrimage site to the next. So from the ashram on Avenue rd. a dozen of us adventurists paced our way on a 30km pilgrimage to Mississauga at our west-end centre for Krishna Consciousness. As we trekked along our party started to swell until we reached our destination for a program which initiated with a foot bathing. Because of the nature of the day this birthday boy could justify the cleansing and cleaning of the feet. With eater which is actually a tradition carried out by hosts in India to honor a sadhu (renounced pilgrim)

Now if you were to talk to any of the companion pilgrims of today about how they felt from the experience of the 30km walk they would exclaim to you as they did me, with words like “freeing”, “Liberating”, “Bonding” . We took only one juice break but several elimination breaks. It was a blast all the way along. This type of activity walking through some part of earth space is picking up some momentum amongst communities.

To those of you who are convinced that a car culture can bring ultimate satisfaction I would sing the chorus to the song, ”Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream”.

30 Km

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