Sunday, 19 October 2008

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Sat. Oct. 11/08 - Lake Shebandowan, Ontario, Canada

There was an early morning rain, so I managed to find the option of walking around the pool table in the quiet games room while chanting on my beads. The location is a resort facility on a gorgeous lake called Shebandowan. When the early sunlight appears so do the golden autumn deciduous trees appear blending with their cousins the green coniferous trees. Once our meetings commenced the participants could not help but peer out the expansive window. On their own individually to capture that natural beauty.

I admit that our discussions were stimulating, however, the event itself was sedentary. So by 8pm it was time to explore that freshness of nature and do a favour to my antsy legs that tolerated stillness all day. Headed eastbound on highway 11 on this isolated stretch where an automobile may pass by only every 10 minutes or so I noticed a small dot of light in the distance. The sun had descended after an almost complete day of cloud so the tiny light stood pronounced. It was set low on the side of the highway. When I came near I heard a movement, “Who is it?”, I said in a curious tone. There was no answer. Faintly I saw an image and then there was movement again. It was an elderly man holding a flashlight and sitting on the side of the road. He explained he was resting and had been walking all the way from the last city, Thunder Bay and had another 100 kms to go to get to a village Emo, a native reserve. Since I could not see him well through the dark I could understand that he was Indigenous when he said he was ojicree. He decided to get up to proceed walking so I helped him get up. He complained about a sore leg. He adjusted his hearing aid so we could continue talking. He spoke and expressed his dismay at domestic life as we set westbound together.

“I was living with my wife but she is addicted to drugs, I’m stressed and so I’m seeing my brother.” He asked about me and my lifestyle so I explained and then had to leave to make my way back to my cabin. As I saw him go we bid our good-byes. I was very concerned for him although knowing he has lived the tough life. Off he went down the highway with mean wilderness on both sides of this quiet road. The rain started coming down. Krishna, please take care of the sweet elder man.

5 Km

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