Friday, 10 October 2008

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Mon. Oct.6/08 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yesterday some of us on the pilgrimage anlysed or defined what an automobile is. Some of our definitions were, “anxiety-on-wheels”, “shiny coffin”, lazy box”, and “Karma dioxide”. I for one have never had a great affinity for the automobile. It has complicated the lives of all of us. Just the insurance on a car alone is enough to shatter the heart.

Oh, how we have become so dependant on machinery! Urban living and being wired up go hand in hand. As I walked a 15 kilometer stretch on Leslie St. and York Mills streets today I calculated that 70-80% of the youths that passed me on the road were wired-up on an I-pod. When I walked in the ravine amidst nature with trees and stream next to me no pedestrians there used an I-pod. It seems we have created a world of concrete and noise that we chose to block out. I wonder sometimes when will these monsters that we have created ever come to an end? Perhaps never, But at least we might consider utilizing gidgets and gadgets only when absolutely necessary.

With the current economical plummeting going on in America and subsequent other countries we may be forced to reduce and down scale our use of energy. It will not be a bad thing necessarily.

The day was a typical Indian summer day with warm sun rays and splashes of autumn red’s all around. I couldn’t help feeling something for motorists jammed in traffic while I’m moving steadily without stoppage.

15 Km

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