Thursday, 2 October 2008

Monday, September 30th, 2008

Mon. Sept. 30/08 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It was interesting to watch people walk or jog by at lunch hour at Calgary’s downtown leisure spot at Prince’s Island within the Bow River. The bridge to the island reads that Jaiupr, the famous “pink city” of India, is twinned with Calgary in Canada. More of a dozen or so of us chant enthusiasts sat ourselves on the grass to provide a sattvic entertainment for business passers-by. As the harmonium pumped out it’s drone sounds, drums thumped and soft symbals rang, people were either indifferent, smiled, nodded waved, thumped up or offered pranam (hands reverentially placed together ).

In the evening at the home of my Calgary hosts a sizeable number of people came to enjoy a real feast, chanting and discussion (in that order). Our chosen theme was “War on False Ego” and how to implement practically acts of humility. A key point was that it is sometimes felt that devotional service is executed only within the realm of a religious setting such as your temple, church, mosque etc. but no, all beings are in essence spirit and so for our own sake acts of humility or kindness must reach beyond designated space.

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