Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sat. Apr. 19, 2008 – Halifax, Nova Scotia

It became apparent to me that people in Halifax like to see someone in roes. With a sleepless night I decided to walk off the sleeplessness at 3 AM while chanting on my beads to the downtown district. The formula that works here is get physically tires and mentally calm. As I passed by several busy events or locations where the young converge it was with some surprise that someone from the crowd would bow and/or offer a pranam (hands folded). Giddiness usually doesn’t allow for much serious dialogue but the odd person that was able to hold some sobriety did wish to talk and ask what I’m doing and why at that hour.
Some visiting devotee friends flew in this weekend from Miami, Winnipeg and Toronto to contribute to the “Golden Moon Festival”. Our practices for “the Gita” drama paid off. The performance went well. A local bhajan group “Suryabandra” were enchanting using a variety of instruments including sitar and harp. The actors who had completed there stint had keen interest in Vedic culture as they were questioning the philosophy that they just finished acting out. This to me was a sure sign that transformation through drama is an effective tool.
The program culminated in chant and dance in free style. What an incredible bunch of people they were.
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