Friday, 10 November 2017

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Picton, Ontario

Twins Tweaking It

They are identical twins, bhakti yogis on top of that, and they recently acquired a 50 acre property with a house just off of Lake Ontario.  They are doing some organic things such as growing and harvesting carrots, tomatoes, peppers, melons, blackberries and also honey.

Sanatana, Rupa and I stopped by to see the farm and the young men, the twins, Dhyana Chandra and Graham, who are also the proud owners of Prema the Pig.  She is a big pig and works her snout by turning the soil on the property which is highly populated by red cedars.

We had lunch and enjoyed their apple cider, pressed on the spot, from the Empire variety of apples.  On the menu (and the two guys do offer their food, trained by devotees in Toronto) were sandwiches with their garden ingredients.  I asked Rupa to squeeze some of the blue-type berries that the red cedar yields, onto my avocado for the sandwich.  Apparently they are edible and they add a nice flavour.

In their home lives a ghost, an Asian woman wearing a hooded cape.  We didn’t see her but according to the two twins, she lives in one of the upstairs rooms.  In my opinion, ghosts are all around the world.  In fact, it could well be that she walked with me a stretch along the rural road.  It’s nice to have company.

The twins anticipate adopting more pigs for turning soil and fertilization purposes, in addition to showing love.

How did they, two identicals, get involved in Krishna Consciousness?  Through Craigslist, when the ISKCON Toronto Centre was looking for kitchen help.  It turned out to be a good arrangement.  They are mellow fellows with good ideas that are being implemented.

May the Source be with you!

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