Friday, 17 November 2017

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Bragg Creek, Alberta

A Soul is a Soul

Vincent and I took to the trail beyond Folk Tree Lodge.  Balance is the name of the bushy white dog who accompanied us.  Oh, he blended into the snow alright.  We could tell of his whereabouts by his bark.  The spruce around us also concealed.  The guy is friendly.

I'm just guessing it’s a he and made no effort to research the gender.  A dog is a dog.  A soul is a soul.  We are all souls for that matter.

The retreat at Folk Tree is a gathering of leaders from ISKCON Canada.  Same-gender relations was one topic we discussed.  The actual discussion surrounding same-sex persons began with a question.  “How do you, as a bhakti-yogi, a leader, respond to the query of acceptance of same-sex people versus rejection?”

The discussion led to this:  Regardless of one’s sexual orientation, everyone should have the opportunity to serve and love Krishna within an encouraging environment.  To advance the subject more, it was pointed out that those sexually active, whether hetero or homo, enwrap themselves in service to God and to the world.  The activity of seva, service, purifies, and hence, physical intimacy reduces.

With age and maturing we all tend to downscale on physical, or sexual, activity, unless of course you’re a monk and you abstain altogether.  That’s been my path all along and I'm totally at home with it.

At our retreat, more topics were held but that was one which is pertinent, in our modern times especially.  Let’s remember—a soul is a soul.

May the Source be with you!

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